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Worcester CEORhetoric is all around us; anyone with a strong opinion is guilty of using the political device.

Although necessary for a healthy democratic discussion, too much is parasitic. Despite the fact that rhetoric can kill civic participation and alienate segments of the electorate, it often becomes the focal point of every campaign. All, regardless of political persuasion and affiliation can agree that the time has come to eliminate the noise and focus on the situation ahead.

The Coalition for Educated Options seeks to reverse the decline in community engagement by making this upcoming election about substantive issues and citizen initiated dialogue. We are an apolitical entity not associated with any candidate or campaign.  The Coordination Committee of the CEO is an association of youth from diverse personal and political backgrounds committed to encouraging our generation to take pride in their City. Having either worked directly in municipal government or in service based organizations, the committee is aware of the importance of decisions made at the local level. In order for a viable City to exist an active and informed electorate must exist. This means reaching out to electorally underrepresented populations and providing the chance for all concerned citizens to have their voice heard by the candidates.

The Worcester CEO Initiative is looking to “Put You in Charge” by creating a community initiated questionnaire for all city council and school committee candidates to answer prior to the election. This questionnaire will be developed from submissions from community based organizations, current elected officials, challenging candidates, and residents. All submissions will remain anonymous and be edited for political neutrality, repetition, and offensiveness. The questionnaires will then be delivered to candidates to answer. Responses will be provided to community organizations who submitted questions and be posted on our website for public viewing. In addition the CEO will be coordinating voter registration efforts in areas with historically low electoral participation.

In order for there to be valuable dialogue someone has to start the conversation, and who better than a concerned citizen like yourself? Now Is The Opportunity is the first step, providing the entire community with the ability to set this year’s agenda. For residents and community groups, this is your chance to finally get a definitive answer to the questions of most interest to you and your members. For candidates this is an opportunity to put your views out there and better understand the position of your opponents.

We look forward to adding your voice to the conversation

Yours Sincerely,

David LeBoeuf        Iris Sanxhaku        Fidgi Simeon         Rubby Wuabu

The Worcester CEO Initiative Coordination Committee